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The JB Mission

Just Bollywood is the UK’s Premier Inter-University Bollywood Fusion dance competition. Pioneered by a handful of university students, what started as a simple idea has transformed into a nationwide brand that is set to revolutionise the UK Bollywood scene.

Who you help support

Doorstep Schools are currently working tirelessly to provide education to the door steps of slums in India and we're honoured to support their cause.

The Just Bollywood Legends

Just Bollywood aims to bring you best of Asian talent within the UK and our dancers have been testiment to that. We've had dancers all over to compete and performing in videos with some of the biggest names in the industry. Check out some of the things that they've been getting up to right here.

Adelphi Theatre


December 9th, 2018

06:30 PM – 11:00 PM

1100 Available Seats

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Food available at the event

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The Hemraj Goyal Foundation

Just Bollywood's main sponsors for 2018

HGF's vision is to make a huge and lasting difference in the quality of life of those less fortunate, both in the UK and abroad, through the provision of financial and human resources. This year we're proud to have partnered up with them to help achieve our joint aim of providing educational support to children in India. Our joint collaboration with them means that this year we're able to provide you with a show thats bigger and better then ever before with 100% of all our profits going towards this noble cause. Make sure you check out their page and get involved with one of the incredible projects that they have going on.

JB Timeline

The Just Bollywood story, everything
you need to know

Perhaps behind show day, one of the must have days on your Just Bollywood calander. This day marks the first step of a journey for teams all around the country as they submit their audition tapes marking the start of their battle to be the best in the country

Location: online

After weeks of deliberation, consultation, sleepless nights of frustration and head scratching, the Just Bollywood team consider each of the videos one by one and review them with proffessional dancers from all over the country to narrows down the forty plus entries to just ten. Ten champions who they think may have what it takes to become the next Just Bollywood champions

Location: online

The famous Just Bollywood Miniround is perhaps one of the most heated contests outside of showday and is often alikened to the cold war of Just Bollywood. Here, each team will be expected to choreograph and produce a video to a clip mixed by Just Bollywood's very own technical team. Each of these videos are then uploaded to the Just Bollywood facebook page and the top three teams with the most reactions on their video by the end of two weeks win some essential show day perks including their pick in the running order and extra rehearsal on our grand stage. But more than this it provides the first major opportunity for each team to throw down their gauntlet and show the rest why they should be afraid. All rivalries aside, it provides an opportunity to bring all the teams together for the final hour of the Miniround at the iconic JB Mixer, a formal event with a 3 course meal and dance moves to wow Simon Cowell. The night not to be missed for dancers and non dancers alike.

Location: Queens Tower Rooms, Imperial College London, South Kensignton

One stage ready, 10 champions enter, a legend emerges. The one day where countless hours and midnight rehearsals all accumulate into one incredible show.

Location: Adelphi Theatre, West end, London

Our Judges

World renowned and handpicked for the JB mission

Revealing Soon

Stay tuned

Revealing Soon

Stay tuned

Revealing Soon

Stay tuned

Revealing Soon

Stay tuned

Ask Question?


What's the nearest tube station ?
Leicester Square or Covent Garden are both fine to use
You'll have the opportunity to see ten of the finest teams in the country in action.
Of course, no matter whether you performed or not or where you placed, each performance is a cause for celebration.
Will there be food and drink served at the venue ?
Yes, we will have several bars and snack/confectionary outlets available
There's no fun without mystery and so we won't be revealing the judges until the end of November
Yes, along with 10 incredible dance groups, we will also have external acts adding an extra dimension to the show.

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