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Just Bollywood has always been a charity show. Last year we raised almost £6,000 for Action Aid. This year we are looking to support Harmony House.

About Harmony House

Harmony House is a completely non-profit organisation that strives to provide underprivileged women and children in India with education, nutrition, medication, hygiene facilities and social services including self-defence courses and sessions and women’s workshops. They also provide vocational training for older children in yoga, cosmetology, tailoring and music, enabling them to pursue more opportunities in their future, and offer jobs and contracts to their children’s parents, making them beneficial for the community as a whole.

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic has affected Harmony House and its women and children heavily. The pandemic has hurt billions of people worldwide - among them are thousands of daily wage workers, laborers, street vendors and other marginalized communities of the society. These people have been forced to live without income and are struggling to make ends meet and because of this hunger has hit hard. These are the families the women and children at Harmony House belong to. Harmony House has unfortunately also had to shut down one of its centres in light of the pandemic and social distancing issues.

To combat the negative effects of COVID-19 on the families they support, Harmony House have been organising regular ration drives and hygiene pack distributions, in order to feed their children, their families and the wider community, and to ensure that they get immediate relief food and basic supplies. In this way, they have helped thousands of underprivileged families.

Harmony House have also begun workshops for parents and while this is still in it's initial phases and work is in progress they have had a very successful start. Workshops will include topics like health and hygiene, medical, family planning, domestic violence, etc. As students are still not permitted to come to Harmony House they are utilising their facilities by providing parents with useful and helpful information which will in turn give them the tools to further support their families. They have also started online courses and have also been delivering workbooks/sheets and stationary to allow children to continue with their education during this difficult time. Harmony House are fighting every single day to help families rise out of these difficult times.

How can I help?

Even if you are not participating in the competition or want to help out further, there are many ways in which you can help to raise funds for this charity.

We at Just Bollywood are committed to providing as much funding as possible so Harmony House can continue to deliver their much needed services to the underprivileged.