JB Reloaded

2020 revamp

For the last 7 years, Just Bollywood has been bringing people together through the power of Bollywood. Year on year, you guys continue to astonish us with beautiful performances, daring stunts and levels of energy that we didn’t think were possible. Unfortunately, COVID-19 prevents us from having an in person show in front of a cheering audience of hundreds this year. 

However, we want to continue our legacy of supporting and encouraging dance and Bollywood, bringing people together in the process - something especially relevant in today’s trying circumstances. For this reason, we’ve decided to launch Just Bollywood Reloaded! 

Whether you are looking for the coveted title of JB Reloaded winner, or just participating for fun, Just Bollywood Reloaded welcomes all of you with open arms!  

So... what is Just Bollywood Reloaded?

Just Bollywood Reloaded is an online take of the traditional competition we hold. In fact, this year, we'll be holding 2 competitions: one for teams of between  to 6 people, and one for individuals. The principle is simple - we provide the mixes, you do the choreo! Just make sure to record yourselves and make a submission by the stated deadline! Full details can be found on our handbook!

JB Reloaded has been designed to allow students attending university wherever they are in the world to continue to embrace dancing, so you'll be able to partake whether or not you go to university in the UK!

Category 1


Fancy Choreographing something in your lunch break? We've got you covered!

Registration for the Individual Competition is OPEN NOW! If you already have a Just Bollywood account, login instead.

The Individual Competition provides the perfect opportunity for you to show off your dance skills this summer, even if you’re stuck abroad without your friends and fellow dancers. We’ll be providing 5 vibrant and unique mixes, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to showcase your unique style! Each mix will only be around 2 minutes long, so you’ve got no excuse not to get up and dance! Whether you’re a beginner, stranded without your team, or a seasoned solo performer, we welcome all of you with open arms!

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Category 2


Been dying to try out a new formation? Found a cool lift you want to learn? This is the one for you

If you and your dancing buddies are looking for something energetic and creative to do together, you’ve come to the right place! The Team Competition provides a fantastic platform for small groups (of between 2 to 6 people) to create a unique and exciting routine together. We’ll be providing 5 team mixes, each approximately 3 minutes long, so there’s plenty of opportunity to try out those cool formations you’ve always been dreaming of having, or those insane lifts the rival dance group told you you couldn’t pull off. If you want to take part, but don’t have a group, we’ll be facilitating group formation soon after the start of the competition, so keep an eye out. Whether you’re an experienced group of performers, or just a bunch of friends looking to have fun, we welcome you all with open arms!

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How does Just Bollywood work?

Enter as an individual or a team (or both) for the relevant competitions, and the top 10 entries selected in each category will be posted on our social media pages and YouTube channel to be showcased to our panel of highly talented and respected judges. Both the public and the judges will then go on to select the winning dancer and team! 

Both the Individual and Team competitions will run in similar fashion. We have only revealed the Individual competition so far - the Team competition will be launched on 31/08/2020 so make sure you are following our social media handles to avoid missing out on this information! 



On Launch Day, we’ll release our awesome mixes, and the countdown to submission begins! There’ll be loads of events in the interim between launch and submission, so make sure to follow our social media handles to avoid missing out on this information!


The Heats

Both competitions will require you to record and submit a video. All videos must adhere to the terms and conditions of the relevant competition (check our handbook for details). To submit a video, you must upload it to YouTube, name it appropriately and fill out the appropriate submission form. Your YouTube video may be public or unlisted, but it may not be private. If it is private, we won’t be able to see it, and we won’t be able to consider your submission! Be 100% sure before you submit. 



Once everyone has submitted, and the deadline has been hit, we’ll begin watching all your videos. From here, we’ll pick out the top 10 Individuals and the top 10 Teams. These individuals and teams will have a limited time to send us a version of their video they feel is more appropriate for their final, public submission (i.e same choreo to the same mix, just jazzed up or performed better). Finalists will be given 48 hours to accept their finalist position, before the offer is extended to someone else. So be sure to keep your eye out on this day! The terms and conditions for the final round submissions may be more relaxed, allowing dancers greater creative freedom. Details will be published closer to the time.



Finally, once we’ve received the finalists’ final video submissions, we’ll publicly upload them onto our Just Bollywood YouTube Channel. From here, we’ll have the public vote on their favourite videos, and have our expert panel of judges assess them as well! Keep an eye out for the Judges Reveal on our social media pages!

The competitions will then culminate with winners and prizes being announced!

We really hope you all enjoy taking part in Just Bollywood Reloaded. The show is organised by a team of volunteers, and we do rack up some costs, so if you like the work we're doing, please consider becoming a JB sponsor! Reach out to us at just-bollywood@outlook.com if you're interested!

it’s More than a dance competition

Our core principle has always been charity.

Just Bollywood has always been a charity show, and Just Bollywood Reloaded will carry forward the mission of supporting those in need, especially given how hard COVID-19 has hit the needy. For this reason, we have incorporated a small fee of £2 for individuals and £10 for teams to submit an entry. All profits will be going to charity!

We've also created a Just Giving page, and we encourage you to contribute to this amazing cause! There will be other ways to raise more money for charity throughout this competition so please keep an eye out for that!

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