JB Reloaded


On this page, we've tried to answers some of the common questions we've received so far. It might help to clarify some of your doubts about the details of the competition and why we're doing what we're doing. Our Handbook also provides an in depth guide to the competition. If anything is unclear don't hesitate to reach out to us - all the details are on our contacts page!


Why do I have to pay to enter the competition?

Quite simply, charity! JB Reloaded is a not-for-profit event, and all profits will be donated straight to our charity partner, Harmony House. You can read more about them on our charity page. 

Which mix should I dance to? Will it make a difference?

You can choose any of our mixes to dance to. The choice of mix will have no bearing on the judging of your submission – they’re just there to give you as much creative freedom as possible!

How do I submit?

Submissions for the Individual Competition are now open and can be made via our Registration page.

Submissions for the Team Competition will open after the launch on 31st August!

Just Bollywood Showday Cancellation

Why can’t we postpone Just Bollywood Showday to the second term?

This is infeasible for us in many ways. Firstly, Imperial College Indian Society holds its flagship cultural show, East Meets West, in the second term. It usually takes a humongous toll on the organising committee, and it would be extremely difficult for us to manage two shows at once. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that venues will open come 2021 – with chances of an incoming second wave, we’d just have things up in the air for longer. We’d love to have a guaranteed event, so we’ve decided to have an online version instead!

Some venues are opening up in a socially distanced manner. Why can’t we host JB there?

While it is true some venues are opening up with social distancing guidelines in place, it is undeniable that this is subject to change. The situation is highly volatile and might well change, especially with chances of a second wave in September/October. We’d just rather be safe than sorry.

Furthermore, socially distanced venues have two major problems:

  1. They charge more because they’re having to implement social distancing guidelines
  2. At the same time, they have a reduced audience capacity

These two problems mean that holding JB at a venue would be financially infeasible.

Why can’t we hire a venue, have the performers perform as usual, and livestream the event? We could charge the livestream!

We discussed this for a time. But there are some fundamental issues that we could not ignore.


  1. A standard JB Team is anywhere between 12 to 20 people. Having all those people in close proximity on a small stage will really be violating social distancing guidelines. As a show, we cannot afford to take this risk.
  2. Many of the best JB performers are international students, who may do a remote first term. Our organising committee may also be organising JB from various parts of the world, and we may not have the manpower required to be managing everyone in a single venue. We also do not want to limit the number of people performing just because of COVID-19, so we’ve scrapped the idea of university teams and are allowing all individuals and small teams to participate, with no restriction on teams or performers per university.
  3. We usually charge around £20 and higher for Just Bollywood tickets. We’re unsure if people will be willing to pay that amount for a livestream, and if there would be enough people interested in watching a livestream to justify the cost of hiring a venue, which can be many thousands of pounds.